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Why are Remote Invigilation Assessment Times Different?

Remote invigilation is designed for flexibility and student convenience.

The flexibility is possible because your exam is invigilated by software rather than a person.  The software is attached to each exam for the duration of the exam only, it does not stay on your PC.

All you have to do is book the date of your remote exam giving a minimum 48 hours notice.  Your assessment will go live for the full 24 hours of the day booked. You then choose the convenient time for you to sit the exam.  Once started, you must continue to the end of the exam without interruption or without leaving the exam.

Aat Information Criteria For Booking Remote Invigilation

Please download and carefully read the AAT remote invigilation User Guide by clicking on the following link AAT Remote Invigilator User Guide

Do not be put off by the rules and regulations in the user guide, they really are straightforward.  You are just required to be in a room on your own where you are not disturbed and where you do not have access to any study materials.  If there are items on the wall that cannot be taken down, then it is sufficient to cover them with a sheet for the duration of the exam.

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Foundation & Advanced Assessments



May 2022
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Exam Modules & Codes

Exams Available By Remote Invigilation

  • Bookkeeping Transactions – BTRN
  • Bookkeeping Controls – BKCL
  • Elements Of Costing – ELCO
  • Foundation Synoptic – FSYA
  • Advanced Bookkeeping – AVBK
  • Final Accounts Preparation – FAPR
  • Management Accounting Costing – MMAC
  • Indirect Tax – IDRX



June 2022
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